Herbert Stangl, principal invesitgator

research interest: cholesterol homeostasis, HDL holo-particle uptake

publications: PubMed

email: herbert.stangl[at]

phone:+43 1 40160 38023


Clemens Röhrl, postoc

research interest: cellular HDL and cholesterol transport

publications: PubMed

email: clemens.roehrl[at]

phone: +43 1 40160 38021


Stefanie Fruhwürth, PhD-student

research interest: HDL trafficking in endothelial cells

publications: PubMed

email: stefanie.fruhwuerth[at]

phone: +43 1 40160 38024


Katharina Winter, master student

research interest: genetic variant of SR-BI and influences on HDL metabolism

email: katharina.winter86[at]

phone: +43 1 40160 38024